Freelance Facts

So How Does Hiring a Freelance Writer Work?

If I’m not coming into your office to work with you and your staff, the freelance work flow generally follows these basic steps:

  1. After a telephone or email discussion to talk about your project, I’ll give you some questions to think about and, if necessary, we’ll schedule a follow-up phone call, meeting or email.
  2. When you’re ready, I’ll ask a LOT of questions to make sure I know exactly what you want and need, and the best way to provide the service that you and/or your customers will appreciate.
  3. Next, I’ll provide a bid letter which details what the project entails, timelines, estimated costs and what we can expect from each other.
  4. Once my first draft is completed, I’ll send it to you for a predetermined number of edits or re-writes.
  5. Once the edits and/or re-writes are complete, we’ll both sign off on the project.
  6. Payment is at completion for small projects. For larger projects, usually half the payment is made up front, the other half on completion.  (Other arrangements may be negotiated.)

Give me a call or send an e-mail to set up an interview or meeting! Thanks for visiting!